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Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Family: Amaranthaceae


Beautiful burgundy tasty leaves can be eaten raw as a micro-green in salads or cooked. Not always a reliable seed crop in Alberta. Seeds that do set can be cooked, popped or ground into flour. Amaranth can be grown as a cover crop, for silage or as chicken feed. Prefers full sun. Direct sow in early spring in rows 2 feet apart. Barely cover seed, tamp and keep ground evenly moist until germination in about 7 - 21 days. Thin to 18 inches between plants. Plants can reach 5 - 6 feet. Harvest seeds by shaking seedheads into a bucket or paper bag, then rub them over a screen into a large bowl and winnow. Amaranth will cross with Red-rooted Pigweed.

500 seeds