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  • Happy New Year! I'm almost done cleaning seed, so here's some pictures of life on the farm last year, back when the world wasn't covered in a blanket of snow....
  • The pine pollen matured early this spring. I collect the anther cones to make tincture.
  • Peonies always remind me of my grandma, and taking a break to enjoy the beauty of the world around us.
  • We had a caterpillar invasion but, surprisingly, they didn't seem to do much damage, except nibble some elm leaves.
  • The snow peas were tasty and productive, but it's a challenge to keep the deer from eating them before they go to seed.
  • The green nettle seed matured late this year, well into August. Could the smoke from forest fires have slowed them down, along with other species?
  • Norwesterlee is always our earliest tomato. I call them saladette style, but I think they are slowly getting bigger with each generation of selected seed.
  • Moskvich continues to be a reliable producer of small to medium beefsteak tomatoes, with great flavour.
  • Here is a bucket of tomato seed being washed. I just like the abstract organic form of this pic.
  • Then the seed is spread on a plate to dry.
  • We had a visit on September 9th from Robert Rogers and his herbalist class to see a steam distillation demo and have a farm tour. We made some essential oil from licorice mint.
  • Then, on September 12th, we had our first taste of snow. Fortunately, it didn't freeze too hard and the hardier plants got a few extra weeks before the killing frost. Cheers to getting back to our gardens soon!
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