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  • As the new year dawns, let's look back at some scenes from 2016. Here's a frosty sunrise in late November, foreshadowing the Arctic lows of December.
  • After 85 years, our barn is getting a new roof, with some choice Western Red Cedar shingles from the coast. Marshall Roofing from Morinville is doing a great job.
  • We trialed Delicata and Spaghetti squash this year, and they were both excellent oven baked.
  • We finally found a pepper that will produce in our climate, and the winner is Canoncito, a hot pepper landrace (diverse genetic pool) from New Mexico.
  • Biennials that produce seed in their second season are a challenge for us in northern latitudes. Here are some green curly kale plants headed for our unheated basement, where they should survive to be replanted in spring. We are also overwintering dragon carrots and gold beets for seed production in 2017.
  • Superschmelz kohlrabi stood out in our 2016 trials, staying sweet and tender as it grew to volleyball size. If apple and cabbage had a baby, it would be kohlrabi....
  • Harvesting cucumber seed by the wood stove has become a favorite fall chore.
  • Mild weather in September made up for a cool summer, and we were able to get a good harvest of bean seed. This pic shows Royal Burgundy beans going through a low tech thresher system.
  • There was an unusually early snowfall in October, but that didn't stop the Rhodiola harvest for our friends who make tincture from the fresh root.
  • Happy New Year! May your rosemary flower long and strong - cheers to great gardens in 2017!
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