Harmonic Herbs


Hello Gardeners: we regretfully announce that we are shutting down and discontinuing operations. After another disappointing season/poor seed harvest, the difficult decision has been made to retire from the seed business - at least in its present form.

Harmonic Herbs had a collaborative conception, sprouted slowly, then grew, adapted and evolved for over 12 years, with much learning in many different forms along the way - from minimum population numbers for genetic maintenance, isolation distances to avoid cross pollination and, eventually, bar codes for each variety.

The intention now is to change gears and switch to cultivating larger amounts of seed for bulk production (though, of course, still on a microseedery scale), focusing on the few tough varieties that have been selected by stress for success. Hopefully this will be easier than trying to grow a vast array of different seeds, allowing more time for other projects and for family.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years. It has been a pleasure to connect with other plant people on the journey: merry meet again!

Wishing you great gardening in 2022 - and may your weeds be medicinal.